A New Kind of Collaboration

Envision what would happen if people from many sectors agreed on one vision and committed to working together on shared priorities while also respecting the pursuit of their individual goals. Granite Table exists to foster that alignment.

The Vision:

Greater St. Cloud is recognized as a community of inclusion where people thrive and feel a sense of belonging 

Big Challenges Call For Creative Collaboration

Fostering community alignment can be…challenging. Especially when your community is located at the heart of three counties and six cities. To get everyone rowing in the same direction can be a herculean task. But we choose to live in a place that’s covered in snow and ice for half the year. We are not faint of heart. We were made to accomplish hard things. 

Granite Table is a nonpartisan, diverse group of people who have the unique ability to bring all stakeholders to the “table” when tackling our community’s biggest challenges. Our group is made up of passionate individuals representing all six cities, all three counties, businesses, and nonprofits in Greater St. Cloud. We’re part of the incredibly powerful Communities of Excellence network, and we have a defined strategy for accomplishing our goals. Are you ready to help set the vision for our community?

A fundamental purpose of Granite Table is to encourage beliefs and behaviors found in high-performing communities.

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Our Mission:

Enriching lives in the Greater St. Cloud Region through intentional, collaborative, and equitable action.