Community of Excellence

Communities are complex systems. Like any system, a community can improve how it performs for its residents by understanding what is working and what can be improved and addressing those issues using best practices and shared ideas. Granite Table emerged after the Central Minnesota Alliance engaged in Communities of Excellence 2026, a national learning collaborative that uses the Baldrige-based Communities of Excellence Framework. The Framework encourages continually reevaluating and appropriately addressing the needs of our diverse community at a system level as they continue to change over time.

The Baldrige Program

“The Baldrige Program, and indeed the entire Baldrige community, are excited about helping communities achieve ever-higher levels of performance and improved quality of life for their residents. In fact, that is essentially the mission of the Baldrige Program: to benefit all U.S. residents through improved competitiveness. Until now, however, we have been focused on accomplishing that purpose through single organization. Partnering with Communities of Excellence 2026 enables us to carry out that mission on a much broader level, with the potential for greater reach and impact.”  Robert Fangmeyer, Director, Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

Pull up a Seat

Sharing Perspectives. Engaging Dialogue. Addressing Inequities. Transforming Community. 

Our Mission:

Enriching lives in Central Minnesota through intentional, collaborative, and equitable action.